• So Much Talent In One Little Art School

    We are so proud of Lynn Howarth and Yvonne Taylor, our fantastic tutors at Art at the Grange, as wel...

    So Much Talent In One Little Art School
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    Click to see pictures from our exhibition at Cyan Bar & Restaurant, Milngavie

    Celebrating our 3rd Anniversary

    Piano tutor, Romy, holds a Diploma in Music and plays professionally in venues as diverse as Manila ...

  • After School ‘Working With Clay...

    The children learn how to create art through working with lots of different media including clay

    After School ‘Working With Clay’

    You may recognise the class tutor, Michelle Ives, from her appearance on both Sky Portrait Artist AN...

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SPECIAL OFFER: Save on all ART & SPANISH Classes (except for life drawing classes)

£195.00 per 10 week program.  Sensational Seniors qualify for an additional £20 off, please call 0141 384 2655 for your Sensational Seniors discount!

Art at The Grange Iain McAulay is a very special tutor/artist AND a very special sculptor! You can tell from the words on the apron his students gave him, as a gift! 😉
Enjoy these examples of art created by his very special Tuesday evening class!
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Art at The Grange Monochromatic with a hint of colour: from last week’s shoot @AATG Photography
Model: Romy
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Art at The Grange WOW! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!!
Helen and I were setting the dates for classes, due to start in the next academic year and were completely taken aback to realise that this will be YEAR 7!!!
As a wee celebratory gift to us, we have bought this beautiful pastel painting by our friend, tutor and wonderful artist, Lynn Howarth.

Well, it had to be done! Not only is it exquisite and painted by one of our tutors, the people in the painting are three of our super-talented students; Gerry, Adela and Sara.

Thank you to all staff, students and friends of AATG. We couldn’t do it without you! 💕
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Art at The Grange A very productive Introduction to Printmaking class, with tutor, Yvonne Taylor.
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Art at The Grange More photos from Wednesdays photoshoot @ AATG Photography, with Romy.Art at The Grange added 2 new photos.08.02.2019 at 09:39 pmLike